Hi, I'm Blair.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Oberlin College. When I'm not teaching, I work on a wide range of image analysis problems. My specialty is spectral image informatics.


spectral analysis

All life emits or reflects a unique spectrum of light. My lab develops algorithms for identifying and isolating these spectral signatures.

image registration

Computing alignment between images is critical for many applications. My lab designs methods for large-scale image registration.

compressed sensing

Compressed sensing allows for the reconstruction of sparse signals from limited data. My lab studies image-based compressed sensing.


current courses

CSCI 150 CSCI 353

past courses

Fall 2021

CSCI 150


trans-lunar injection

Cartoonized simulation of orbital mechanics


webcam colors

RGB color space representation of your webcam video


spectra learner

SVM-based spectral classification pipeline


important siblings

Deep-dive into Python import statements